LTEC 5210 Week 8: Project B |ID Reflection

Project B has been more challenging than I expected. I knew that when I set out to offer training for a real group of teachers in a neighboring district it would challenge me in ways that Project A did not. Project A allowed me to work closely with someone I already worked well with and this type of situation definitely has it’s advantages.

Project B showed me the reality of communication issues when working in instructional design outside of a home district. After several weeks I finally had some of the answers I needed from the leaders of the district, but still did not have clear cut communication on who to talk to in the IT department or who would continue the training after my initial day with them. This part is critical to their success and this course has taught me that these people hold more power than they know in a successful implementation.

I have had to really think through every scenario that might come up for Project B and be ready for that. What if the beginner class is more advanced than the leaders thought? What if they do not fill out the pre-evaluation? What if the intermediate/advanced class is more or less advanced than expected?

As I worked through how I was going to deliver this lesson and what would be best for this group, I designed it more specifically for their level of knowledge. If I were to use this for my own district/school, I would definitely have to re-evaluated how it would look and which portions would need to be tweaked. Our district is 5 years into G Suite Edu implementation and they are in year 1.

I always enjoy sharing my work and having others advise on what needs to be changed or tweaked in order to meet my overall goal. I have learned that this feedback piece is one of the most important pieces in the instructional design process.

One of my big takeaways from this course is to remember to always have peer feedback from beginning to end and to remember that the lessons will never be final or perfect. They will continuously change with the technological advances of the future and with the needs of the specific learners being taught.


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