LTEC 5210 Week 5 Project A Reflection

When I first started working on Project A, I was extremely unsure of my abilities and was not sure if I could do the lesson justice with the little amount of information I had acquired. Working with clients during the summer months is definitely challenging and I had to come up with creative ways to get things rolling for my client.

The best things that worked in that regard are phone conversations, emails and a lot of text messages. I was so thankful for the technology capabilities available to us presently as it sped up the conversation with my client and made it possible for us to communicate around our super busy summer schedules.

My project, Information Literacy, is one that is very near and dear to my passion of digital citizenship. Often I find myself teaching this here and there, but this project was an opportunity to put my DNA on something I feel is extremely important with high school students.

My library media specialist is very passionate about the same topic, but her time was limited and now I realize neither of us had a foundation of instructional design in order to ensure our learners were walking out with the knowledge we intended.

One thing that I definitely struggled with was the implementation piece. It is hard, if not impossible, to implement a lesson and get good, solid feedback from that implementation process during summer months. I was able to get a group of students together to ‘run through’ this lesson as both the trainer and student which proved very helpful, however, I believe that once we’ve truly implemented with groups of students during the one week learning period, I will have more feedback and be able to tweak our lesson and final design document once more.

Another struggle was coming up with just the right objectives for the timeframe and knowledge of the learners. This is always a struggle for me since finding a balance that teaches the learner but, also, challenges them is difficult. When you add the fact that I am usually designing technology lessons, it increases the challenge since every learner is at a different point of their expertise.

My immersion into Project A makes memuch more confident setting out with Project B. I have learned that perfection is not what I should be striving for, as there is never “the perfect lesson,” but I will now approach the instructional design process with patience and continuous room to grow and improve. I am more excited about Project B because it is a real world scenario where I was approached to design and conduct the training one week prior to beginning this course. Unfortunately, I will not be able to implement until  August 7, but I am much more confident in my abilities.

This project is definitely not complete, but I feel very proud of the progress I have made with it and am so excited to help implement this at our home campus this fall. This course has pleasantly surprised me and I have found that I really enjoy design.


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