LTEC 3220: Design Process

The Design Process Blog WHAT IS DESIGN THINKING? According to the DiscoverDesign Handbook, the Design Process is a way to approach a large project into manageable pieces (2017). This is a great way to approach many problem solving or creation scenarios. There are several steps to the process including: Define the Problem, Collect Information, Brainstorm... Continue Reading →


LTEC 5210 Week 9: Last Reflection

It is hard to believe that this is my final reflection for the Instructional Design course. I started off unsure of what to expect and unsure of my abilities as I read through chapter 1 of our textbook. However, the more reading I did and the more articles I found elevated me to a newfound... Continue Reading →

LTEC 5210 Week 7: Designing Instruction

What does it mean to design instruction?  To design instruction means to analyze learning and performance problems and then design, develop, implement and evaluate the instructional and non instructional processes (Reiser 2001). The main purpose of instructional design is to improve learning. I believe that even though instructional design has been used since the 1960's... Continue Reading →

LTEC 5210 Week 6: Self Regulation

What does it mean to manage/regulate yourself (self-regulate) and others?  To me, self-regulation means leading myself to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done whether I am feeling like it or not. It means being able to foresee what needs to be done and doing it. Many times self-regulation for... Continue Reading →

LTEC 5210 Week 5 Project A Reflection

When I first started working on Project A, I was extremely unsure of my abilities and was not sure if I could do the lesson justice with the little amount of information I had acquired. Working with clients during the summer months is definitely challenging and I had to come up with creative ways to... Continue Reading →

LTEC 5210 Week 3: Instructional Design Reflection

What do you think about instructional design so far?  I have decided that instructional design is far more challenging that I, initially, thought when I started this course. I felt confident in my abilities to instructional design and redesign instructional documents. However, as our first project comes to and end, I am still fighting the... Continue Reading →

LTEC 5210 Week 2: Analysis & Design Reflection

Part I: What have you learned from the analysis? What are you planning to do with it? Activities to include?  The analysis finding report was helpful in evaluating the bottom line of the problem of the original lesson, as well as helping both the instructor and myself grasp a better understanding of what is important for the... Continue Reading →

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